new creation

close your eyes little one

you’re safe from harm now

i’ll give you what you need

tired from running now sleep

on the inside shadows still occur

but your light has grown

much brighter now

you can shed the old skin

her death made you

strong and wise

as the cocoon was forming

the shell began to thicken

the colors became luminous

and vivid like your soul

was meant to shine

in pure radiance and love

the skin became warmth

that no one could penetrate

only healing and recluse

your own thoughts dancing

in the blackness

a muffled melody began

to fill your ears

a harmonic vibration

that sent waves

through your heart filling you

with fresh light

and burning warmth

it washed away the rawness

and numbness

of old wounds

peace filled you in a hot white

burning flame at the center

of your love from this

magnificent core

in an instant you were made new

radical and holy

on the re-emergence

your soft eyelids fluttered

open from dreamy slumber

the olive brown and gold

flicker in your eyes burned hazel

the dreams you have culminated

long to spill forth and become something

your hair like copper flames

float languidly as an underwater dream

and begin to extend outward like a sun

reaching to warm a cold planet

stars awake to your beauty

even in broad daylight

silver rain washes over your skin

snowflakes melt and kiss your face

in the white pure polar light

you become as new as a season beginning

navigating climates


land masses

star fields

explorations of planets

both dead and fertile

timeless eternal brazen in passion

as new as a moment in time

a rebirth and a death

what will become

of your new creation?

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