small voice

can you hear me now?

my words fall all around

like broken colors

water choking old ties

can you hear me now

since the seventies were stifling

couldn’t find my voice

was seen but not heard

lost in shyness

i turned inward

became drowned in

vivid imaginings

day dreaming filled my voids to richness

never alone

can you hear me now

gold horses on the shore

running in the wind

never felt so good

peanuts to be proud

teachers praise shone

over me in glory

my muteness wavering

in his affirmation

written words as my poetic escape

i’ll find my words one day

then i’ll know what to say

can you hear me now?

i’ve got the gold crown

and a microphone

scared but holding on

songs crumble out of my mouth like dust

and breathlessness

spent my childhood wide eyed

with a dismal heart

can you hear me now?

gotta trust yourself

and the god above you

let the small voice die

and sing your soul

whoever said you were nothing

was afraid of themselves

scared of my light and power

afraid i would amount to something more than them

when they told you to be quiet

it was to frighten you from speaking up

about the hurt and the love

can you hear me now?

it’s time to cry out

cause we’ve all got

something unsaid inside

that must speak

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