consider the lilies

inspired by matthew 6:28

consider the lilies 

of the field

how they waver

in the winds

born of colors

such sweet brightness

delicate and tall

stretching toward the sun

in the hopeful glory

of existence

abundantly clothed

by god’s painted strokes

vermillon and amarillo

golden tips and cool chartreuse

they want for nothing except

the moment they are in

tightened tendril

loosens the spiral leaves open

radiant full bloom

and a future decline

not yet to be fretted or worried about

the crumbling dust will go back to earth

like us all

so what is there to worry about

no hours can be given back to your beauty

and your youth 

until then the wings of the morpho

have just danced before my eyes

and reminded me of god’s great love

for his people even when the world has gone mad

and we fixate on all the wrong things

let us trust his provision for our needs

live simply so we can be generous with strangers

not worry about food clothing and shelter

because if he clothes the grasses of the fields and 

feeds the birds of the air

will he not take care of our anxious minds

washing us with peacefulness and love

if we fix our eyes on the truth of god himself

who created us

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