uncommon shine

for tara

your light was the most

uncommon shine

built of fire

and wild

in the spiritual realm

the most generous

sparkle of eye

benevolently kind

have truth so staggering

a blazing love

that roared fierce

biblical truth

of god’s fair love

all things goldenly divine

you had access through

the thin veil to god’s world

so poignantly aware

of things no one else knew

the haze of your human-ness

a normal day in your footprints

was like watching a dream angel

come to life

always constant as a flame

you walked to the top

of the mountain

as effortless as breathing

right into jesus’ arms

you graced the earth

just not long enough

with pure beauty and love

the justices that you spoke

and all the things you fought

for while here

i can only imagine the glimmer

in your heavenly crown –

my heart is torn

an empty hole

in a world now where you aren’t

not ready to release you

but i know i have to

when the full moon

woke me and led me to

the stars in the night

there you were

all around me