if you see a man

standing alone

far out at whitepoint sand bar

cast net flung

its braiding over silvery fish

barefeet in the crystal sand –

that is my father

a focused brow

and capable hands

skin sun kissed

by the salted gulf

he’s there throwing dreams

in his net

letting nature soften

his edges by 

a southern sky

as sure as shore

he’ll get it right

on this side of the dawn

the clear waters

reveal sand-dollars

and stingrays glide

like grey discs

the dolphins

and the manatee

water moccasins 

in the black stream

sharks alligators

and flying fish

you are all those things to me

writhing scales

bursting the net

i hope your life

was what you wanted

it to be –

so if you ever see

a gleaming figure

of a man

salmon sunset

barefoot in the salted sea

throwing dreams 

and gathering things

in safe harbor

it’s the man 

he will always be to me


my father