my morning forest

my morning forest

is alive with songs

the woodrail and the morpho

blazing azure wings

and the broken clock tempo

of their syncopated melody

blue tanagers flit 

and scour to bring food

back to their baby 

in the bromelia nest 

on the gallisimo tree

their dusty blue wings

and the sonic allure 

of their tweeting

heavy in the forest air

like broken wind-chimes

kissing and piercing sky 

the mild wafting 

of faint smoke and humidity

from a slow burning pile of leaves

the sun creeps its tendrils of light

through the canopy and it 

awakens in a phosphorescent hue of 

glowing green

thriving in primal chivalry

silver threads illuminate in my window 

where the orb spider has woven

her mystical path and ornate design

a symphony of cicadas rises

like deafening flutes

in the key of “f”

i watch with coffee and human glee 

for another day to be here

and be breathing

i feel my air weaving me to the forest floor

damp mineral soils intoxicating

my heart strings becoming entangled 

to the tree roots

so that I can listen intently

to nature’s pulse

amongst the trees

thriving in her sensuous singing