grateful for nature

destruction and decline

new growth comes

after solemnity

a welcome fire

in the loins of love

basking in the absence

of a child rendered

a hopeful magnitude

of sanctuary

my desire to be blessed

ultimately by the one

greater than i

though i walk this lowly earth

in his shadows

my requiem offspring

delight in your delivery

safety in my arms

honestly to the light

we celebrate our waiting

and chance union

for whom our souls

have been hoping for

breathless meditation

eager arrival

deliver us from sadness

and let us

take on love

i remember mother

admiring songbirds perched

beyond the bedroom walls

visions dance as i awake

an estranged sunbeam enters through

like the curtain was hungry

to sip the wind

i feel like a child today

shying away greedy onlookers

i fold up my intellect’s jaded edges

and put him away for awhile

so i can see with my heart –

i stay in the alien’s land

and try to comfort the sore spots

in my chest

i remember mother

consider the lilies

inspired by matthew 6:28

consider the lilies 

of the field

how they waver

in the winds

born of colors

such sweet brightness

delicate and tall

stretching toward the sun

in the hopeful glory

of existence

abundantly clothed

by god’s painted strokes

vermillon and amarillo

golden tips and cool chartreuse

they want for nothing except

the moment they are in

tightened tendril

loosens the spiral leaves open

radiant full bloom

and a future decline

not yet to be fretted or worried about

the crumbling dust will go back to earth

like us all

so what is there to worry about

no hours can be given back to your beauty

and your youth 

until then the wings of the morpho

have just danced before my eyes

and reminded me of god’s great love

for his people even when the world has gone mad

and we fixate on all the wrong things

let us trust his provision for our needs

live simply so we can be generous with strangers

not worry about food clothing and shelter

because if he clothes the grasses of the fields and 

feeds the birds of the air

will he not take care of our anxious minds

washing us with peacefulness and love

if we fix our eyes on the truth of god himself

who created us

for the sake of the wave

for the sake

of the wave

its luminous movement

testifies the underneath

and worlds unknown

face the fluid objects

seeking stories

of a shapeshift universe

delicate sea whip

phosphorescent tentacles

echoing through the vast 

blue black distance

my dreams summon

this place while sleeping

a familiar visitation

always brought back

to the lucid

liquid rememberings

nostalgia when i awake

shrouded in the waters

once again 

ivory orphan

is this faint –

my voice

my presence

i’ve just learned to thunder in silence

a heaviness leads to strength

but oh your arms

and your body’s weight

i’m carved hollow inside by your memory

haunting every reflection

all the inner doors

tainted by what you showed me

you opened me

a clever gentleness that makes me mourn

when it’s gone

filling me with a newness

and gone just as soon

like an ivory orphan at noon

who sat on the dock in summertime

while the sun slowly whispered

your father will never return