a secret interlude of praise

watching the heart unharnessed

yesterdays filled with abandonment on the run

escaping that vacancy

going towards a majestic prayer

i’ve seen him unfold to me

the life of kings and queens

there’s not an ounce of betrayal

in this blood

but that of a fluid faith

a calm center

rolling devotions with praise

leaving her unharnessed

in rapture

i feel him there

abruptly awoken by the pangs

of dreary skyscapes

fear becomes colored

in an audacious breath

for battles of internal children

the sweet victories of dream time

uncovered and swollen with secrets

so i mime my way through hazy pathways

an inner boldness of grace

golden eyes that stream silence

through my raging desperation of aches

to constantly seek a lover

even in solace he nears

imaginary in presence

of a warm surrounding veil

i feel him there

tears that crumble

i feel restlessly still

patiently stern

awkwardly strong

illuminated darkly

showered in tears that crumble

with the breath of my smile

listlessly in touch

with my own wandering

abandoned and yet lifted onto a throne

of brilliantly shimmering gold streams

that coil night rains

they sneak away and dream soiled

dampened by the sea’s emergence

wakefully tousled

embedded with jewels

that reflects the light

swallowing colors inside

and pulsing the moon’s silk

into my presence absently

i stare out of fish bowl windows

to dancing clouds


days become fragile

days become fragile

in a weeping hush

colored breathing takes me

into oblivion and beyond

into discernment

jaded immaculate

can stars move through

the marrow of bones

alienating flesh from commonness

can sleeping temptations

bring ease to the spirit

acknowledging desire as a gift

i feel god as a central vortex

loving simplicity

weaving all with intricacy

a painted understanding

supreme in its honesty